PUA Openers, Pick-up Lines, and DHV Stories

Openers, Pick-up Lines, and DHV Stories for PUAs from around the world


The Date – Time Bridges and Day-2s

A question I hear a lot from students is “Where do I take all these girls for a Day-2 once I close them?” This is usually followed up with “I don’t have a lot of money” and “There isn’t really much to do in my city.” But believe it or not, there are …


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Is Toronto REALLY The Worst City For Men?

So an article called 15 Reasons Why Toronto Is the Worst City In North America For Men by RooshV showed up on my Facebook on Monday. I’ve never meet RooshV, although I’ve had heard a lot about him from various people who have read his books, but to me the whole article just reads like […]


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