PUA Openers, Pick-up Lines, and DHV Stories

Openers, Pick-up Lines, and DHV Stories for PUAs from around the world

Routines and Gambits

Merry X-mas! – The “I Love You During Sex” Opener

Here’s an opener that my wingman Packer and I came up with on the fly one night and turned into a solid opener. Usually the best openers come from when you and your buddies are discussing something to do with girls/sex/dating/relationships/etc. There …


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Canned Material vs “Winging It”

Here’s a little post I put on the forum a couple of years ago but totally forgot to put up as a full article. Enjoy! It still surprises me that I see so many people talking about whether or not to used canned material and routine stacks, so after an experiment last night I thought […]


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