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Merry X-mas! – The “I Love You During Sex” Opener

Here’s an opener that my wingman Packer and I came up with on the fly one night and turned into a solid opener. Usually the best openers come from when you and your buddies are discussing something to do with girls/sex/dating/relationships/etc. There …


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Can I Have Your Number? – MadTV Skit

Direct game gone hilariously wrong… even though it’s just a skit watch how the girl’s body language and replies are constantly conveying disinterest!



The Date – Time Bridges and Day-2s

A question I hear a lot from students is “Where do I take all these girls for a Day-2 once I close them?” This is usually followed up with “I don’t have a lot of money” and “There isn’t really much to do in my city.” But believe it or not, there are …


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Canned Material vs “Winging It”

Here’s a little post I put on the forum a couple of years ago but totally forgot to put up as a full article. Enjoy! It still surprises me that I see so many people talking about whether or not to used canned material and routine stacks, so after an experiment last night I thought […]


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Overcoming Fear Of Rejection

Fear of public ridicule at the hands of beautiful women is surprisingly common. Many, MANY men – myself included back in the day – share this potentially crippling fear. Few people are brave enough to come right out and say it though, so if you’re reading this you’re at least moving in the right direction […]


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Is Toronto REALLY The Worst City For Men?

So an article called 15 Reasons Why Toronto Is the Worst City In North America For Men by RooshV showed up on my Facebook on Monday. I’ve never meet RooshV, although I’ve had heard a lot about him from various people who have read his books, but to me the whole article just reads like […]


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