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The is the personal blog of Alexander Prophet, professional dating coach for Venusian Arts. Featuring the newest and best openers, stories, and banter lines collected from the world’s greatest PUAs, everything you need to know about phone and text game, and detailed articles on writing your own openers, DHV stories, and routine stacks.

About Alexander Prophet

Senior Coach/Stack Creation Specialist
Toronto, Canada

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You would never recognize Alexander Prophet if you met him four years ago. He was depressed, socially awkward, and trapped in a horrible relationship with a woman who made his life miserable. He describes his former self as an overweight (he weighed over 320 lbs at his worst) computer geek who was obsessed with games like World of Warcraft and Warhammer 40,000. His social life consisted of playing online with his few friends and hanging out with his unemployed and overweight girlfriend who constantly harassed him for an engagement ring. He had very little luck with women in his past and despite his girlfriend’s horrible personality, he could never muster the courage to break up with her because he feared that he couldn’t do any better. “I had been in a nightclub maybe twice in my life, I had no idea how to talk to women, and I was perpetually afraid of making a move for fear of being rejected. I figured ‘Well at least I have SOMEONE. What if I can’t find someone else?'”

Then one day his best friend Showcase, knowing how miserable he was, explained the concepts he had just read about in The Game by Neil Strauss and his life was changed forever. “I used to think that no beautiful woman would ever want to even touch my disgusting body. The pick-up arts showed me just how wrong I was.” He and Showcase went out every night they could, read every article they could find, devoured any piece of material they could get their hands on. After finally meeting Mystery and Matador at bootcamp, Prophet became the forum admin on the brand new Venusian Arts website. Traveling around and helping out at Venusian Arts bootcamps across North America, Prophet met some of the biggest names in the community while being personally trained as an instructor by his new mentors. During this period of intense transformation, Prophet completely reinvented himself. “I changed my look a million times until I found one I liked – and then I kept changing it and having fun with it! I started working out and losing weight, I tried ridiculous peacocking items, I changed my hair and tried a million different clothing styles. I completely forgot the old me and became the man I wanted to be.”

Prophet’s transformation over the years

Prophet’s journey from AFC to PUA has been a challenging one. But after overcoming crippling insecurities and personal fears, Prophet found himself on a roller-coaster ride of exciting and bizarre experiences including bouncing at a strip club, hanging out in a nudist colony, dating a dominatrix, having a brief affair with a rock star, and having all manner of sordid adventures with the usual assortment of models, aspiring actresses, and even a couple of burlesque dancers. “It’s been an amazing journey. This is the life I had always dreamed of living. I have amazing friends and a social circle filled with beautiful, awesome women. And then I see gorgeous women at bars and clubs COMPETING for a chance to flirt with me and I think to myself ‘I LOVE my life!'”

Now VA’s resident routines guru, Prophet excels at crafting effective, emotionally compelling routines for his students based on stories from their own lives. In addition to coaching at bootcamps and one-on-ones in Toronto and abroad, he also offers personalized routine stacks covering everything from opening to setting up the date, getting the number, and that all-important first kiss.

Prophet has also mastered the art of phone game and has developed a complete iPhone toolkit complete with everything you’ll need for phone and text game, setting up the date, building comfort on the phone, and sending fun text gambits!

Aside from his work as an instructor/site admin for Venusian Arts, Prophet works as an independent contractor, specializing in making technology do things it wasn’t originally supposed to do. He also runs his own business with a couple of friends developing web and mobile applications for companies and organizations. Prophet spends his spare time checking things off his bucket list (usually with the help of a few women he brought along) and building amazing things like the ball-pit on his balcony, the breakfast machine he’s designing with his roommates, and the iPhone he sent to the stratosphere to photograph the earth (with the help of a brilliant blonde bartender who actually told him about the idea).

He is currently working with his good friend and personal trainer to get into shape for the Tough Mudder competition, which is considered to be the toughest obstacle course on the planet.

“Life should be full of excitement and adventure. It should make your heart beat fast. If your blood isn’t pumping then you are not living, you are the walking dead.”


Prophet was great coach I learned allot of things throughout the whole camp that I was missing that I never read or picked up from a book. By the second night infield after my warm up sets I spent the night dancing and making out with a fit 6 ft blonde. nuff said
– Nicky, Montreal

When I first met Prophet I didn’t know what to expect. I had preconceived notions about meeting a pickup artist for the first time. I was expecting an egotistical, pompous, intimidating, judgemental type of person, and what I got was the complete opposite. He was all smiles, extremely open and friendly. He just had a positive vibe to him and you could tell he loved life and truly wanted to help. He instantly made me feel comfortable, and took me out to lunch with the other students and a couple of bombshell girls before the seminar started.
– ROCK STAR, Toronto

For those of you who don’t know Prophet, all you need to do is meet his wingmen and you’ll have a perfect understanding of who he is. He inspires what looks like a fierce loyalty in his wings, if I didn’t know anything about him, that would be enough to tell me of what kind of a PUA he really is. If you’re not following…a kickass one. The first afternoon I met him, no offence Prophet, I realized he’s not a looker. He relies on his character and charisma to carry him through sets. So you know he knows his stuff.
Carmello, Toronto

Prophet was really great with helping me deal with some more anxiety and sickness issues that I was having… Watching the masters was an experience in itself. I want to specifically say thank you to Jimmy and Prophet however. I would have felt perfectly fine with the seminar if I had only been given the chance to interact with you two gentleman and truly hope to be able to have them coaching me again.
– Robin, Las Vegas

I was also very impressed with the attention that was payed to the infield students by the coaches. They watched us carefully, critiqued well, and helped when we needed it (I particularly needed several swift kicks in the ass the second night…thanks again Prophet).
– Stitch, Las Vegas

Prophet has an extensive & exhaustive knowledge base, which lets him tailormake his training & guidance according to the person in front of him.
– Packer, Toronto

I was amazed at how effective some of the techniques [Prophet] showed me were. I managed to open a two-set and keep them interested for 10mins. It was mind blowing! Before this, I would open a set, only to get blown out in the first 30 secs. Talk about quick results!
– Mercury, Montreal

Showcase and Prophet did an awesome job of throwing me into sets and giving advice on what could be done better. There were no excuses for not approaching sets; can’t pick an opener? They’d give it to you and start the 3 second count.
– nicosuave, Toronto

Showcase and Prophet were always around to give you quick tips and feedback. It really made a difference in my in-field experience. They both have an extremely positive attitude and made sure the energy level stayed high, even at 2:30 am in the morning on a Saturday.
– Zee, Toronto

I am amazed from the effort [Prophet] put to help me. It is very encouraging to know I am not alone.
– The_Dream