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Drunk Girls Routine

Me: OMG, are you drunk?
Her: Yes / No


Me: Oh, HB, you make me sad!
Her: Why?
Me: You seem so sweet and nice, and I feel like we’d be super compatible… but
you’re so drunk that this connection we have isn’t even REAL. I mean, do you
think I’m cute? Do you think I’m a cool guy?
She ratifies her attraction for you, and probably also tries to convince you
she’s not drunk.
Me: If I call you tomorrow and leave a message, will you remember me and call
me back? (Props to TD for money line)

Repeat this OVER AND OVER. Get her to COMMIT to seeing you again at LEAST 5
times. Then get the #, continue the sarge if possible.


Me: Thank god… I’m so tired of all these little drunk girls!!! They make me
so sad!
Her: Why?
Me: Because they’re so cute and sweet, and they’re all like “OMG, Harmless, I
love you SOOOO MUCH! I want to be your new GIRLFRIEND!!” [while I hug her and
mock drunk girl excessive kino on her] but then when I call them the next day,
they’re like, “WHO is this??? I don’t remember!”

– By Harmless

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One thought on “Drunk Girls Routine
  • Caliber says:

    Prophet Fuck men you changed already my life venusianarts-company without you is not this same for you Mystery was an inspiration, for me you are my inspiration to go forward in this THIS GAME -IS NOT EASY I fall once after one another, I cant wait when your book came out, like I said you had knowledge hard like rock not like other PUA’s I wasted previously a lot of time. One your metaphor application with understanding: “this game is like video game because its what is really is”… But one is know logically this from book NS The Game and not even know how is this important “thing” to use, another use this in sarge: when I start I blow out like 25-30 times per/night.

    3 best things I have from you:
    1. Phone Game companion for iphon;
    2. Your post from old version venusianarts site it was on vablog it was better than new;
    3.This site keep my game alive to moment when… i don’t want put words without realisation I keep this untold.

    I even worry when you read this comment you stop do it this great job what you do because I’m so grateful to this I cant wait when I will be work with you.


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