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Bit My Neck Routine

OMG you would not believe why I had to goto the hospital the other week. I was with my friends at this bar, right? So I love meeting new people so I’m going around and this rocker girl is seriously EYE FUCKING the shit out of me, so I go over and say hey and within seconds we are having a good time and seriously OUT OF NO WHERE THE BITCH BITES ME. I was so shocked I kind of stumbled back to my friends and they were confused trying to figure out what was wrong. I mean I was in PAIN but at the same time it was fucking hilarious. But yeah the nurse thought I was on drugs cuz I was laughing so hard when I got to the hospital

So yeah after I convince her I was sober she asks what happened, I’m not gunna lie so I tell her… and get this… she says “damn thats hot” and gives me her fucking number how weird is that shit?

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