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VA Phone Game iPhone App Update Now Available With In-App Purchases!

The latest version of the Venusian Arts Phone Game Companion is now available for download through iTunes! We’ve fixed a few bugs and optimized a few things behind the scenes, and due to numerous requests I’ve added some articles on when it’s appropriate and to your advantage to text a girl over calling her (but don’t worry, I’ll also post an article on the blog for all you non-iPhone users).

We also added some KILLER new text pebbles in the form of in-app purchases. Each pack comes with at least 10 new but extensively tested text message gambits to send to girls to spike buying temperature, test to see if she’s free for a phone call, or just to keep her thinking of you.

Now available in the iTunes App Store!

Coming soon: More profile fields: location, date we met, nicknames, and more!

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