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Mystery’s Black Nails Opener

PUA: Hey guys, black nails, first impressions?
HBs: blah blah
PUA: Get this, I was in an elevator this morning heading back from a meeting and this shwarmy-looking woman gets on the elevator…you know with the caked on makeup and the giant hoop earrings? So she looks at my nails she says to me [say in a bitchy old woman voice] “Are you a devil worshiper?” And I look at her and I shrug and “we’re going down aren’t we?”
HBs: [they typically laugh here]
PUA: So she just backs right up against the wall [mimick this comically], so much so that her giant hoop earrings are like sticking out. I distinctly remember that because of how comical it looked, and she stays like that for EIGHTEEN FLOORS. And when we get to the bottom, she shuffles her way out of the elevator without leaving the wall [mimick this too for additional comic effect]
HBs: they talk for a bit, cut them off and stack forward quickly.

– Created by Mystery

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