PUA Openers, Pick-up Lines, and DHV Stories

Openers, Pick-up Lines, and DHV Stories for PUAs from around the world

The Dental Floss Opener

Hey guys, I need to get your opinion on something. It’s very important, and we need a woman’s perspective… It’s a matter of life and death… My friend and I were having a debate and your answer could completely change my entire life… OK… FLOSSING… before, or after you brush? No one seems to know…
[girls may answer, but stack regardless]
Ok so I’ve been having this fight with a girlfriend of mine… she says you should brush before… I say after… we asked our own dentists, and our dentists told us the same!
[once you’ve got an answer from at least one of them]
Ok you say [before/after]? Lets see your teeth?
[you can neg your target by saying the answer is the opposite of what she said]
Wow interesting… you have a U-shaped smile…[stack into the Cs vs Us routine]

– By Style

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