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Openers, Pick-up Lines, and DHV Stories for PUAs from around the world

The Breakup Opener

PUA: Hey guys real quick…

One of my friends broke up with his girlfriend 3 months ago. They were together for 2 years, but he felt it was time to go. Now the thing is, even though they were broken up, they were still doing everything they used to do together. They hung out a lot, went out together, hung around with the family, they even still slept together. Now just this week the guy went on a date with another girl, and he ended up sleeping with her. His ex-girl heard about it and now she’s EXTREMELY pissed!!

Now, my question is: Do you think she has a right to be mad, since technically they were broken up?

Girls: yes/no/whatever

PUA: Well what if he thought that SHED slept with someone else?

Girls: yes/no/whatever

Have you ever been in a similar situation?

[If they accuse YOU of being the guy who did all this]

No way! If it was ME then there’d be two supermodels involved and a lot of leather!

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