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What Is Cheating Opener

There was this article in Esquire magazine that asked different people what cheating was. Well, let me ask first. How would you define cheating?
(go around the group)
It’s Fascinating that a basic concept like cheating, everyone’s definition of it is different. My answer is it’s not being honest with the other person. In other words, you could go and have sex with someone else and as long as she’s okay with it, it’s not cheating. If your girlfriend said okay to have sex with her friend, it’s not cheating because you had a mutual agreement. So, cheating is not being honest, being deceptive, and breaking an agreement you had with another person. So, for someone else, just talking to another girl at a party could be cheating, if she didn’t want you to and you had agreed. Or, staying touch with an ex. That’d be cheating if she asked you not to and you said okay.

– Originally by Style, revision by Renaissan

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