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Mullets Are The Key To Success Opener

Guys! I’ve got it!I woke up last night, all of a sudden in a moment of pure enlightenment!And now…I’ve got it!The key to success are MULLETS! Seriously! Just think about it! All of the major people in the world who are well known, financially rich, or have another prominent spot in the world’s society… they used to have Mullets… or still have one! Sonny Bono had a mullet! Andre Agassi had a mullet! Tina Turner had a HUGE Mullet, she was just a little bit more creative with it. GARTH!!! from Wayne’s World!! Hugely successful guy in that movie he OWNED “The Mullet” and his dog even had one! Donald Trump! He used to have, like THE KING of Mullets he actually still has a bit of it left which he combs over his bald spot! The only thing that I wonder myself do you think Gandhi had a mullet before he became successful? Because I never had one and otherwise there is no hope for me, is there 🙂 —> pointing at my shaved head.

– Renaissan

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