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The Phone or Text Opener

UA: Hey guys, phone or text?
HBS: What?
PUA: If you gave a guy your number, initially, would you prefer him to phone or text you?
HB1: Ooohh, I dunno, text I think
HB2: Noooo, phone, it’s more personal
PUA: OMG, I’m confused now! You guys are like the View!
HBs: Blah blah
PUA: I’m asking because my good friend Crystal always gets a lot of guys, and she always complains, to ME of course, that none of the guys ever ring her first, they always text. She HATES that! So I was wondering if all girls feel the same way, or if I just have a crazy friend who has a fetish for phone calls?’

Prophet’s addition:
HBs: [let them talk a bit and then cut them off]
PUA: So here’s my take. I think that guys who only text do so because they are too afraid to call. Phoning a girl for the first time creates a lot of anxiety for most guys, so texting is kind of like their crafty way to avoid it. Same goes for Facebook and MSN. Have you guys ever had a guy try to ask you out on a date on MSN or Facebook?
HBs: [almost every one of them will say yes and talk about it, cut them off and stack forward]

Note: this little addition allows you to establish a little dominance in your frame by setting down what you think about the whole matter. However, DO NOT get too hung up on this thread. Cut them off and stack forward to another routine. From here, it can be very easy to to move into a facebook related routine, gambit, or opener since it fits the context of the conversation, just make sure that whatever you go into has some DHVs in it.

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