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Style’s Cs vs Us Routine

Smile again for me?

You have a [C or U]-shaped smile.

See, my ex-girlfriend wanted to be a singer, and she studied all the big pop-singers out there and tried to figure out what it was about their looks that set them apart from the rest. And she developed this theory that every person has either a C or a U-shaped smile. See, a C-shaped smile is the good-girl smile. It’s the big row of pearly-whites. The Britney Spears kind of smile. While the U-shaped smile just sort of goes straight back, kind of like a horse. It’s the bad-girl smile, the Christina Agulera Smile.

So my ex was so obsessed with this theory, that she actually got her teeth changed from a U to a C. Yeah, she was really serious about her dream. She’s actually in LA right now trying to make a go of it.

– By Style

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