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Don’t Laugh Gambit

PUA: ok here my little sister showed/told/taught me this just this morning.. I’m not good at it yet (or “not good at telling stories” if its a story), so don’t laugh OK?? I get really shy when girls laugh at me..
HBs: ok…
PUA: (now give them the sweetest/cutest/funniest puppydog look *ever*, and just pause and look at them for a bit.. since they’re trying NOT to laugh, they’ll laugh since you paused)
HBs: hahahahaha..
PUA: hey!! heeeeeeey!! OMG I’m soooooo embarressed you guys are making me.. I’m so *shy*.. I *trusted* you guys, and you’re totally stomping all over my feelings!
HBs: no no no.. we LOVE you.. you ROCK.. you’re like the coolest guy who hit on us all night!! we LOVE you..
PUA: (grab the obstacle, and hug her and put your face in her shoulder.. she’ll cuddle you in front of all her friends.. this is FUNNY, so they’ll laugh even MORE)
HBs: hahahahhaha..
PUA: OMG.. stoooooooooop!!! stop stop stop!! you guys are SO MEAN.. you guys are totally laughing at me more and more!!!

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