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Plastic Surgery Routine

It’s crazy how many plastic surgeries they have for celebs now.She had her eye makeup and her lipstick tattooed on, and when she changed her hair color, she had her lips re-tattooed. And do you want to hear the grossest thing? One day I noticed that she had two round dots on her upper thighs. She worked out two hours a day and was super-fit, but evidently she got lipo too. But here’s what’s crazy. Because she used to work as an exotic dancer, she got the fat injected into her labia so that she always looked aroused. She was from LA, and you have to be careful with them. Whenever you go out with girls in LA, everything can be really fake. Fake hair (point to your hair), fake eyes (PTE), fake nose (PTN), fake teeth (PTT), fake breasts (cup your breasts). You have to take them to the doctor first to find out which parts are real… They put her through a machine,and you get a print-out at the end.”

– Style

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