PUA Openers, Pick-up Lines, and DHV Stories

Openers, Pick-up Lines, and DHV Stories for PUAs from around the world

The Add Four ESP Gambit

HB: Yes/No/whatever
PUA: Okay, we’re gonna see if you’re psychic. Just do exactly what I say and don’t ask questions. You’ll understand when it’s done.
[you ask the bartender for a pen and a sheet of paper. right in front of the girl its no prob. you write on it: HAMMER, and RED (you can maybe add something)… you ask the girl to keep her mind busy to tell her year of birth, then keep adding 4 to it]
PUA: Okay, tell me the year of your birth.
HB: blah blah 1984 blah
PUA: Now add 4 to it.

[like: 1980 + 4 etc….. she has to do math… simple shit. then when she added four or whatever number a few times to that date you interrupt her]

PUA: Tell me a colour! Quick! Now! [she’ll go like what or be astonished…. say quick or hurry (rush her, put her under stress)]

[you keep going “add four..c¥mon hurry (maybe neg here on her low abilities)” then after a few times you interrupt again]

PUA: think of a tool!! Quick! Hurry!

[then make her add that number a few more times, then slowly take out that sheet (she has seen you write some on it, she has seen you put it in your pocket) …unfold it]

PUA: What where your answers again?
HB: Red, and Hammer…?

[show the sheet]

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