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The No Panties Opener

Hey guys, real quickly before my friends over there go mental… we’ve been in this discussion all night already and we would like your feedback on this major issue… just to help us solve it!

“A girl who refuse to wear panties… what you think about that?”

Ok get this, a girl friend of mine, she fundamentally REFUSES to wear panties… she is one of the most beautiful girls out there, completely classy… but no panties for her…

What you think about that?

Now listen to this… she is kinda dating this guy… who completely cant seem to handle the fact that she doesn’t want to wear any panties!
And he actually BOUGHT her… these hideous looking… well… lets just say that you don’t want to send him to the lingerie store to get you something (WINK)

But thats not all, here comes the actual climax!

And just keep in mind, she is totally hot, she is a model, did some things for Playboy… just to display her value for a guy a little bit…

And lets just say that he didn’t sit front row when God walked by and created attractive guys… if you know what i mean (Wink)

So, the thing is… He actually dumped her… because of the fact that she wouldn’t wanna wear any panties…

What do you think about that?! Would you go that far just because of panties?!

– By Rick Dutch

Alternate version by Prophet

This works really well with fashion-conscious 9s and 10s. Delivery and calibration are vital for this to hit, and man does it hit:

“Guys real quick: a girl who refuses to wear panties… what you think about that?

Ok get this, I have a girlfriend who absolutely refuses to wear underwear. She says they’re too restricting so she goes like… COMMANDO… every single day. Is that normal… or is she out of her mind? I mean my underwear is super comfortable… although maybe a little tight at the front [smirk but don’t wait for the reaction]… so when I asked her why she won’t wear any, she said g-strings were uncomfortable and panty-lines were ugly (she works in the fashion industry so she’s like that). [roll your eyes]

You know I have this theory… that a woman’s choice in shoes… reflects her choice in underwear. I actually think I hang out with too many girls… because I really do like a woman with a great taste in shoes… [slowly look down at their shoes. Then, to obstacle] Ok you get three points. [to target] Oh… those shoes look kind of… sensible.

[If you haven’t hit the social hook point, begin a roll off with] The problem is… my friend and her no panties… fucks up my whole theory! [then re-engage with some buying temperature gambit]”

Oh, and if at any point during this routine you seem them eyeing your crotch, point at your own eyes and say “Hey, eyes up here missy! I’m not just a walking sausage with feet you know.” If they keep looking at your junk (which they sometimes do), exclaim “Jeez you girls are such sexual predators… remind me not to leave you alone with my drink.” or just shout “I need an adult!” with a roll-off.

– Originally by Rick Dutch, revised by Prophet

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