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Mystery Got Married Opener

PUA: Guys, running off to Vegas to get married on a whim. Is that Spontaneous and Romantic or just plain weird??

Girls: yes/no/whatever

PUA: My friend went to Vegas with his girlfriend and when they got back, they became married, wedding rings and everything. We all thought it was an April Fool’s joke, but it’s real. Now, here is the scary part: They have known each other for 3 weeks, maybe 4.

[At this point, they all want to give their opinion, cut them off]

PUA: Ok, this may sound evil but we all have a huge pool on how long this will last. I guessed 7 months. You want in??? Give me a $100……..

[Great addition by Style: Should any of the girls say it might be romantic, just grab her arm and say, “OK, Let’s GO!”]

PUA: He said it was love at first sight. Do you guys believe in at love at first sight?

Girls: yes, no, whatever.

PUA: I just cant see it. I mean I believe in lust at first sight.

Girls: (laughter)

PUA: but to me lust at first sight, and love are different. I mean, you have felt lust at first sight before, right?

Girls: (smiling) Yeah.

PUA: See, the feelings are different. If you could stop … and remember a time when you felt lust at first sight. And you are looking at the guy in front of you (self point), and you just know that you want him. Like perhaps you can feel the excitement run through your body. You might even feel like you want him to just reach out and grab you and kiss you. To take you. So much so that you might realize that your lips are dry. (watch them wet their lips. They might laugh at each other as they do this. They also might not wet their lips). So as you are feeling it now, I want you to remember the feeling (kino anchor optional … I am not sure that they work).

Now … forget that, and remember a time when you were completely in love. Like you are lying on the pillow looking deeply into the eyes of the man in your life (self point), and you are completely comfortable and warm inside, and know deep on the inside that you are in love and he loves you. His eyes are as big as saucers, and you know yours are too (watch their pupils dilate. The fact that yours will be too if you go there in your mind as you explain will anchor the feelings to you and she is imagining you and her in love instead of ex-boyfriend). You got that feeling (kino anchor again if you like). Now that is a different feeling, no?

Girls: whatever.

PUA: OK, so lets try to combine them. Remember what lust at first sight was like (fire anchor), now as you are feeling that lets see if you can feel love too (fire second anchor). Can you combine the two?

Girls: no, it is hard.

PUA: See that is what I think. My mate says he felt love at first sight, and I have tried in my mind to imagine what that is like, but I cant get there. I really hope it works out for my mate. I am nervous for him. How long do you think it’ll last … (back to jokey comedy material).

This is like watching the view…you guys are like little detectives.
You guys are like crime fighters!

– Lovedrop

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